Ari Nagel has fathered 28 children. 
And he's only getting started.



The Sperminator offers an intimate look into the life of Ari Nagel, a math professor in Brooklyn, New York with a surprising hobby: helping women get pregnant by donating his sperm, free of charge. What started as a simple favor assisting a friend get pregnant has turned into a calling for Nagel, who now has nearly 30 children — and no plans of stopping.

So what motivates a man to father child after child, without the legal protection of a sperm bank, any financial compensation, or, in most cases, any sexual contact? Our answer comes in speaking with five mothers whose lives Ari has changed forever.

Equal parts peculiar and heartwarming, The Sperminator explores the new meaning of family and fatherhood in the modern age.


Meet Ari Nagel, a six-foot-two math professor with piercing blue eyes and a magnetic personality. And 28 children. And more on the way.

Nagel, who was raised in the Orthodox Jewish community of Monsey, New York, grew up as one of seven children. His happy childhood shaped his feelings toward having a large family, which is part of the reason he's decided to create his own — one of a very different nature.

Nagel's role extends far beyond sperm donation. He’s close with many of the mothers, babysits and attends graduations and birthday parties, and has even been present at a few births.

Nagel currently lives in Brooklyn with a few of his children.